Topological insulators

Topological insulators are a recently discovered unique class of quantum solids with immune-to-disorder spin-helical metallic surface states having Dirac band structure and ideally having insulating bulk. The robustness and spin polarization of the unusual topological surfaces is potentially transformative in the fields of spin-based nanoelectronics and fault-tolerant quantum computing. Read more

Our work on TIs

In our group we were the first to uncover a singular and highly tunable response of Dirac spins, an emergent high-temperature superconductivity of surface Dirac charge puddles, both a remarkable quantum phenomena made visible through disorder. Bulk disorder, however, is presently the biggest challenge to accessing surface charge transport - the ubiquitous lattice imperfections donate charge carriers that intermix with surface Dirac particles and pull Fermi energy level into the bulk bands. To address this we have developed a new approach that uses high energy (2.5 MeV) electron beams to compensate charged bulk defects and bring the Fermi level back into the bulk gap. This enabled us to achieve a stable charge neutrality point using electron beams with long reach, thereby establishing a route to intrinsic quantum transport of the topological states unconstrained by the bulk size. Read more


NSF MRSEC Center for Precision Assembly of Superstratic and Superatomic Solids (PAS3) is a joint center led by the City College of New York and Columbia University, with Harvard University, Barnard College, and the University of the Virgin Islands as additional partners. KrusinLab is a member of IRG1 (Heterostructures of van der Waals Materials) team of which combines two-dimensional van der Waals materials into pristine layered heterostructures. The team has demonstrated successful collaboration to develop proof-of-concept heterostructures with unprecedented size, perfection, and complexity. Read more

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